How do I print the learning guides?

You are able to download a pdf version of the flipbooks and print these yourself with a standard printer.

To access the pdf version of the flipbook to print:

  1. Go to your student portal
  2. Select the Guided eLearning icon
  3. Choose the book/chapter you are after 
  4. Once the guided eLearning has loaded, choose the book icon from the RHS column 
  5. This will download the flipbook.
  6. From the flipbook, you can choose the download button to download your learner guide to print.

We can provide a printed copy of the learner guides for you as well at a cost. 

TAE Upgrade book @$44.95

Full Qualification @$79.95

Please send an email to with your full name, postal address and confirm that you are aware of the cost incurred and we will process your request at our earliest convenience.

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